Spiritual apathy can only be attributed to the fact that the church has neglected the Prayer Closet. Coupled with a weak Pulpit, that only focuses on the hands of God more than on the face of God. We do not have Seekers of God in the House of God, but we have men and women who are only after what is in the hands of God.

Many Believers seldom pray and if they do so, it’s at a level of religiosity and an ease to their conscience. No one is greater than their prayer life. Your Prayer Altar reveals your spirituality. Prayer is the heartbeat of our relationship with God.

No wonder Paul admonishes us to “Pray without ceasing.” The moment you cease to pray, you cease to live. Many believers have lost that intimacy with the Person of the Holy Spirit and the Prayer Closet has been neglected and it’s in shambles.

In this book, you will have no choice, but to retrace your steps back to your Prayer Closet. We need to go back to the Sweet Hour of Prayer that call us back from a world of care, the hour that bids us into the Father’s Presence. Prayer still remains the heart’s soul sincere desire. More than presenting our “Prayer Requests” before God and rushing back to our busy schedule.

The Author presents truth that will push you back into God’s Presence and seek His face more than His hands. Prayer is not a tool to be used to acquire things from God, but it is a means that ushers us into His presence for fellowship and communion with the Person of the Holy Spirit.